Floral Pattern on sheet silver?

Can anybody tell me how one would go about putting a floral pattern
like say a cyclamen flower blossom on sheet silver? would you do that
with a rolling mill and where would you get rollers with the pattern
etc. or is it done another way or can you buy sheet silver with that
type of a pattern on it and if so where? Thanks a million in advance
for your suggestions and help.

Christine Darnell

Hey Christine, your best bet may be to saw pierce a template out of
brass then run that through the rolling mill after you’ve annealed
your silver. Or you could etch the pattern in? I’d go with the
rolling mill, unless you’re making quite a lot of this patterned

Good luck and I hope it turns out well!

Look at what D H Fell has to offer…

Christine, I’m not sure how large an area you are looking to cover,
but have you considered having a custom stamp made? If you don’t
want to create the image yourself you could search Dover Publications
for copyright free images of flowers.


if you don’t have something youj can use to impress the pattern with
a rolling mill, I think etching, or laser-etching are going to be
your best bet? (Unless you are an engraver.)


Christine, Have you considered Etching? My preference would be to use
the PressNPeel resist and ferric Nitrate for the silver etching
mordant. There are a number of tutorials on the Internet, as well as
a wealth of on the process in the Orchid Archives.


roll print it- Nanz Allund has a wonderful concise video demo on her
website pouincingrain.com. easy : 28-30 g. brass sandwich of clean
silver sheet, rollers at the correct pressure, texture, design, on
top of the silver, under the brass, and away you go… rer

Can anybody tell me how one would go about putting a floral
pattern like say a cyclamen flower blossom on sheet silver? 

Hi Christine. You may be able to stamp it, although the result might
be less sophisticated than some sort of printing or etching. I’ve
made lots of floral stamps that allow for myriad possibilities. The
stampmaking itself can be very satisfying, creating a little
sculpture on the end of a steel rod. And if you screw it up, file it
off and start again.



Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to give me all of your
great suggestion about the floral pattern sheet silver. I will check
out all of your ideas and suggestions. I’m sure eventually I will
have some additional questions.

Thanks again,