Flooring for workshop

We are planning a new workshop in the UK.

What type of flooring would be suitable bearing in mind that the
workshop in to be on the first floor with wooden floorboards?

Also if we wanted to teach classes in it, what would be need to do
regardiung Health and Safety proceedures and roughly how much would
public liability cost?

Sorry for all the questions but this is my first post.



Workshop Floor

Wood flooring is great, but in my opinion, the best workshop floor
is genuine natural linoleum. It lasts forever and, as it wears, the
pattern does not change. You don’t need to polish it like they do in
residential areas, but it looks great anyway. Some people do not like
the linseed oil smell when it is first installed, but it goes away
fairly quickly.


Unfortunately, insurance is a local product and costs can be high in
some areas. You may also find that many insurance agents are not
familiar with what you need. Check out the American Craft Council.
American Craft Council http://www.craftcouncil.org They have a great
members plan for property and casualty insurance which is available
in most of the United States.


Being in the US I can’t help you on the subject of liability in the
UK, but what’s wrong with the wood flooring on the first floor ? Is
it it tight and usable as is ? Is it refinishable ? Personally, I
love wood flooring, except you don’t want any cracks that will hide
any 3mm side stones you may drop. :wink:

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