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Floor covering over carpet?

Dear Orchidians, I hope to sign a lease on a new home on
Wednesday–much better than where I am–but the garage has little
light/ventilation and is quite unaesthetic. So, I intend to do as
much of my work as possible (designing, wirework, assembling, PMC,
butane soldering of tiny things, etc.) in my “home office.” This
room, unfortunately, is both small and freshly carpeted in plushy
cocoa brown. Nice on the feet and probably easy to roll a chair
around on, but…I have actually been doing my wirework, etc., in the
middle of my queen size bed because, if I drop some tiny element, I
can usually find it.

I know there have been threads on the best covering for studio
floors, but I need something that 1) won’t harm the carpet; 2) is
cheap; 3) won’t off-gas; 4) will allow my chair to roll around and
maybe even be comfortable to sit on; and 5) stop any element dead in
its tracks while leaving it highly visible and easy to pick up. If
anyone out there knows of such a miracle, please let me know.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornament’s
Benicia, CA (still!)