Flexshaft Quandary

About 10 years ago I bought a flexshaft from Harbor Freight (aka
Buffalo), its was cheap and I wanted a second one. I already had a
Rio ,Foredom, series R that worked great and a Foredom 18 hand piece.

I couldn’t get steady control with the Harbor freight, so about a
year later I bought a Foredom series L, and a Pepe quick change hand
piece. ( I have 2 of the Pepe hps now, they are great )

I kept using the HF hand piece on my Foredom machines when I needed
the versatility of a #30 like hand piece until recently when it
started to jitter and feel like it was sticking. It use to run

I broke down and bought a Foredom #30 from Rio last week and it does
the same thing? The jaws are a little sticky, which I assume is
probably just burrs left behind from machining and will work off
after a few uses. But the jittery, sticking feel is really annoying.
Somehow I don’t think this is how it is suppose to feel. Its like
this on any machine I try it on, the R, L even the Harbor Freight
one. My other hand pieces don’t do this at all. Any suggestions on
what it might be and how to smooth it out?


Have you lubricated the shaft lately? that usually fixes mine when
that happens. maybe the drive shaft is worn out.

Frank A. Finley
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Hi Daniel,

The No. 30 Foredom Handpiece should not feel sticky or jittery.
Please send it back to me here at Foredom and I will have repaired
or replaced at no charge per our warranty.

Mike Zagielski
Sales Manager
Foredom Electric 16 Stony Hill Rd.
Bethel, CT 06801
Phone 203-792-8622