Flexshaft goodies

Hi folks, I like the idea of steel wool and safety glasses. I have
two ideas that work for me so far. One involves steel wool in a
different form. My wife bought some adhesive backed steel wool
sheets that were intended for use on a power sander (orbital type
hand-held wonder). She used them for finish work between coats of
polyurethane. I took one, cut it into 1 inch squares and put it on a
chuck normally used for cutoff discs. I even left the adhesive back
on it. It didn’t last forever but it sure did work wonders on some
hand textured copper I’d worked up for a pendant. Got into the nooks
and crannies really well. Nothing else was doing it like I wanted.
Another experiment that went well for similar work used a q-tip or
half of one. I’d cut the paper shaft in half and chucked it up,
cotton side exposed, into my Dremel Jacob’s chuck. Then I stuck it
into some paste silver polish and, using a fairly slow speed to
avoid painting my chest with polish, I proceeded to polish some hard
to get at details on copper. This worked really well also. Both
ideas absolutely require the safety glasses. I too have had the
experience of getting rust scraped off the ol’ cornea and, while the
doc was a very good looking young lady, I found it hard to maintain
my dignity while someone is crawling around on my eyeball. I had
been wearing safety glasses while grinding steel and still managed
to get some in the eye. You’ve really got to be careful working
around metal and/or chemicals. 'Nuff said. Peace folks! I am really
learning a lot from these forums. Thanks for all the replies to my questions.


I started my jewelry endeavors as a lapidary (cabochons), using
grinding and polishing wheels on a fixed arbor. When I began doing
metal work and got a flexshaft, I had a great deal of difficulty
using it as most of you do: tool in one hand, jewelry in the other.

I mounted the handpiece horizontally on an old drill press arm with
the shaft to the left and the jaws to the right. I positioned the
handpiece under the hood (and light) of my air filter (portable
Handler) and with a quick-change handpiece it’s a snap changing

Not only does this setup allow the two-handed approach I’m more
comfortable with, it has also eliminated that annoying and dangerous
sling of grit, dust and polishing compounds onto my clothes and
face. Another benefit is that the slung stuff, including precious
metals, is collected in the filters instead of on me. Put on a happy
face. :slight_smile: Eye protection is still essential and I wear a mask here
as well.

I do use a hand-held cordless mini tool for drilling and a few other
things at my benchpin.

Pam Chott