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Flexible platinum casters?

Hi all, I have a customer who was given a platinum pendant by a
friend years ago, and she would like to have it “melted down” and
made into a ring…it’s apparently pure platinum, and accompanied by
a certificate saying so (in chinese). I have told her that it might
not be possible to use the exact same metal, but that I would give
it a shot. Are there any platinum casters out there who would
either take her metal and melt it down or take it in trade for the
right melting alloy and do the casting? She would be happy to pay
for your usual metal markup, or take some loss because of the
trade-in, etc. I’m sure many of you have dealt with customers who
want their own metal melted down, for sentimental or other reasons,
and I know it can get messy- any other suggestions on how to proceed
would be greatly appreciated. I’d really like to do the piece for
her. Please contact me directly at <@Julia_Turner2> thanks so
much! Julia