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Flex Shaft Repairs

OK guys. I just checked, and there are lots of threads with flex shaft problems. Why did I check? Yesterday I discovered a family-owned and operated handpiece repair business in Brooklyn, NY operating since 1979. They service and repair handpieces for flex shafts, and the owner, Charles Stuart, seems like a really nice guy. Here is a screen capture from their site:

This was a real find for me, as I have been searching for a teeny tiny screw for an ancient Italian FARO handpiece. Lo and behold, they had it! You should really check out the website at:

It is quite a specialized business, as they deal with the handpiece only–not the motor. So it’s probably a good place to get answers to any problematic questions.…

Janet in Jerusalem


Oh wow! Very niche, but that’s exactly the kind of thing that can be a lifesaver.

Great info, thanks.
When my trusty Swiss Technique finally became unsavable ( at least for me) last Christmas season, after 10+ years of constant use, I purchased a replacement because of dire need at that time of year.
I would love have my original handpiece restored.

(Now, I need to find a way to get my old GraverMax restored too.)

Some of us are just plain hard on tools! It is a good idea to repair the old and worn tools, so we have backups when we inevitably wear out our newest favorites…

Gesswein uses them for their repairs. I had my duplex spring hammer hand piece and my Techno X fixed by them and now back in business.

Karen Christians
Western Avenue Studios, 506
122 Western Avenue
Lowell, MA 01851


Thanks for this invaluable information, Janet.

Hi JanetB
Thanks for the info …I hope everyone will treat this firm like the Gold dust that they are…being in the Uk I should be very interested if anyone knows a similar pendant motor/ flex shaft maintainance and repair person on this side of the water please …I used to go to the Excellent Frank Rizzo in London but He retired years ago and I have never found anyone else…