Flex shaft on left

      I'm left-handed, there are some difficulties with certain
tools, but flex-shaft, hanging on your left side, and held with
your left hand, should give u the same control as right-handed has 

I’m left handed, and the only tool I’ve had a problem with was the
shears. After 28 years, I’ve gotten used to them, I have two
flexshafts hanging side by side, just so I don’t have to change the
burs so often. I do admit to holding them like a pencil and I don’t
have any problems with control.

I must say the joy on the faces of my clients when they realize that
I’m left handed has been an added benefit, since being left handed is
often associated with being artistic, in the minds of the public. I
was recently at a foldforming workshop in Toronto by Charles Lewton
Brain (it was amazing), and of 20 people, four were left handed,
(20%), when lefthanded in the general population is 7% (or so I
understand!). Coincidence?

Cheers, Kim KMWinter Jewellery Studio Inc. Peterborough, Ontario