Flex-shaft Accesories

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all of the wonderful input I received about my
hand-polishing delimma (as well as my liver of sulphur questions), I
am now the proud owner of a black & decker rotary tool with
flex-shaft. Now I am faced with the overwhelming choice of buffs,
discs, etc. made for polishing and I was wondering if anyone can give
me advice to get started. I work with silver for the most part and
would like input as to the various buffs - what type do you recommend
for using with a tripoli compound, with rouge? What other polishing
accessories do you recommend? I want to purchase enough to get me
started experimenting with the basics. Also, what steps do you
normally go through when finishing a piece (i.e. files, papers,
tripoli, rouge or any variations). Having never actually seen anyone
finishing a piece in person (I have seen one or two projects finished
in videos, but these are tailored to indiviual pieces) I am a little
overwhelmed by the choices available. I understand that a lot will be
trial and error, but having a starting part would be exremely helpful.
Your opinions and experience are greatly appreciated!

Carrie Otterson

The basic thing to remember is to work from coarse to fine. Whatever
you buy from a store or catalog, be clear as to this basic info about
the item. Work from files (which come in different degrees of
fineness) to sandpaper such as wet/dry 320 to 500 grit, to buffing
with bobbing compound, tripoli, and rouge or Zam, my choice. There
are also some nice silicon polishing disks for the flexshaft. A big
plain surface will probably require more attention than a small
complex one. Texture will hide more imperfections than a mirror
finish. I don’t like to buff with a flexshaft. I get surface ripples.

Marilyn Smith