Flawless Chains


There is a product called Tool Magic which you can dip pliers in
that creates a rubbery coating when dried - in about 2 hours. When
it starts to get ragged, peel it off and do it again. The only place
I have seen it is Fire Mountain.

Sharon Jeter
Athena & Petra Designs

Dear Cathryn,

I would like to make a suggestion in regard to making and forming
chain with out marring the surface. There is a clear heavy-duty
rubber coating product called Tool Magic that can be used to coat the
working surface of the pliers. Dip the tips of the pliers in the
liquid and hang with the jaws apart to dry. I make a wire jig for
this purpose. You can use round nose pliers and the coating works
very well to protect the surface from denting. I keep a set of chain
making pliers coated and ready for use. The set is a very
small-specialized item that includes a round nose, flat nose and
chain nose pliers. The coating is thin enough to prevent adding a lot
of bulk to the working surface so that delicate work is possible.
When the pliers with the rubber coating have been used enough to show
wear on the working surface simply peal of the rubber by hand and
recoat. Using this process of working with small wire has made the
forming and polishing lot less labor intensive.

Best Wishes,
Cathy Wheless

I think a similar product called Plasti dip might also work It should
be available at your local hardware or automotive parts store. You
won’t have to pay shipping. You’ll want to read on the container
about the thinner & get some of that to have on hand. I think it is
lacquer thinner.

Hope this helps you out.

Cathy, living in the Ozarks is a pleasure this time of year. The
redbuds are blooming & the forsythia blowing in the breeze.


There is also a product that is very similar to Tool Magic sold at
Home Depot (and probably Lowes). I can’t recall the name of the
product, but have bought it there in the past. It’s about $6 for a
small container.