Flask size reply [was: vacuum casting]

Hi Jim, the largest flask i cast on my small vac caster is a
6"dia x 8" height flask. using tyvac paper liner and oxypropane
torch melt.I put up to 23 long oval bangle bracelets in each
flask (the bracelets are not made of rd wire… easier to
fabricate those). cast at 1075oF flask temp.I use a fairly large
tip so that i get good heat dissipation and the flame covers the
entire melt so that no excess oxygen reaches the metal. When
pouring, i pour through the flame , with the flame pointing down
towards the flask, but no flame going into the flask.The average
melt size is around 600 grams and from start to finish the metal
is melted and poured in around 4 minutes. The flasks sit for 20
minutes before quenching. (some alloys need to be quenched
quicker). I hope this helps. Daniel Grandi