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Flashy Tea - Gallery Pictures

Here is the finished piece that so many of you have helped make
possible, through contributions of stones and ideas as well as
equally important moral support and good wishes.

It is 8" high overall-- the teabag is life size. It is silver,
copper and glass, plus a 14k and titanium pin with a spinel, plus
carnelian feet and the notorious “flashy tea” consisting of about 50
ct of mixed tourmalines and 3.7tcw of diamonds. The doors hane
magnetic closures. I hope I have lived up to the outpouring of help I
received with this project. Thank you all. Enjoy!


Very beautiful Noel, It is truly a work of art, Louise

Hi Noel.

Your “Flashy Tea” project turned out beautifully. I’m so glad you
posted pictures for us to see.

It has also been fun “listening” to the on-going planning and
problem-solving for your idea - very nicely done.

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix

My Lord, you guys knock me dead! I’ve never received such praise in
all my life! It makes me feel very good.

I forgot to mention-- the name of the piece is “Just My Cup Of Tea”
(“flashy tea” described my search for the contents of the teabag).
The photographer was Larry Sanders. I also didn’t mention that the
porcelain and stoneware pots inside are my creations as well, thrown
on the wheel with no special tools. I’ve been a potter about 25
years longer than I’ve been doing jewelry. As for the question of
how long this teabag would need to steep-- if you saw the price tag,
you might think it was “steep” already!


HI Noel - Very evocative piece! and the tea bag really sparkles - I
also really love it that you make the back as interesting (more
interesting?) than the front!