Flashback arrestors and low-pressure natural gas

I am asking those who connect their torches directly to a standard
utility low-pressure natural gas line, “What kind of flashback
arrestor are you using on the natural gas line?”

My company is working with a US natural gas utility that is having
problems with jewelers exploding gas meters due to flashbacks. The
problem seems to be that most flashback arrestors require at least 2
psi to move gas through the protective device. With standard gas
service in many areas being 1/4 psi, gas flow is completely blocked,
so jewelers are omitting the device altogether so they can get the
gas flow they need to operate the torch.

When a flashback occurs the gas meter literally explodes and if a
person were nearby she/he would be severely injured.

If you are successfully using a flashback arrestor (not a check
valve) with low-pressure natural gas, what exact product are you

Ed Howard
G-TEC Natural Gas Systems