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Flame Polish/Polishing antlers

Oh - by the way - did you know that Brasso gives excellent
results used by hand on Perspex (think you know it as
Plexiglass) and other thermoplastics? When the plastic has been
sawn or filed, use wet/dry papers on the edges with plenty of

I agree completely, but in some cases there’s an easier way.
Flame polish !

Play a soft bushey flame over the rough edge. Don’t let it
linger or you may cause the plastic to bubble or even catch on
fire. I’ve used this technique many times on plexiglass (perspex)
using a Blazer with the flam e bushed out. Works for me!

You could probably use any gas produced flame, but those that
burn hotter

than butane would need closer control. A hot air gun (must get
the air over the melting temp of the plastic, usually in the
400-500F range) migh t work, but it’d probably be slower.

Try it on some scrap to get the feel.