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Fixing holes in casting

Hi conuremom. First, think outside the box - which you already
have. Why on earth did you carve a block of perfect purple? That is
a bad idea - it isn’t intended for that purpose. It is for melting
and build-up, which changes the molecules and gives it strength.
It’s usually used for repairs to a carving. Get yourself some first
class carving wax - File-a-Wax, for instance. Read the descriptions
in catalog like Rio to decide which color best suits your needs.

As for fixing your holes, nearly anything will do before making an
RTV mold. You may also be able to do a brush on liquid latex mold if
yours is a flat back piece or a sizeable three dimensional. Never
just one good way to go - options are good. You can fill those holes
with anything from modeling clay to some of the silicone gels to
investment. Would suggest something that can be removed fairly
easily, since you can retrieve the silver. Stuff the holes flush,
get as smooth and clean as you need and mold. Investment would be
the easiest to get out - heat and boil it out and you have it on
hand, right? Once set it can be smoothed or retextured to match the
carving. Mold away.

You really need some good books on wax working. Experimentation is
good sometimes but unless you have more free time than the rest of
us, do some study first. I’ll be glad to help all I can if you want
to contact direct.