Fixing clasp for snake chain

I made a pendant with a tube bail, but the normal clasps won’t go through the bail tube. I then bought a loose snake (1.8) chain for it.
How do I attach a clasp? Soldering the chain itself doesn’t seem viable. Any advice would be very welcome!

Snake chains are generally finished with an end cap through which you can put a jump ring to attach a clasp. The caps are made in different styles and a range of diameters. Soldering by tinning the inside of the cap will keep the solder from flowing down the chain.

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Sorry I’m a beginner, how would I tin the cap please? soft solder?

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Tinning is a technique where you melt solder on one part of the join, clean it up, then assemble the two parts, flux the joint and heat the assemblage. When doing this with a chain, use a substantial heat sink on the chain to avoid solder freezing the chain. Also keep your flux away from the part of the chain beyond the tube assembly. Personally I’d use medium solder.