Five Jewelry Industry Leaders Come Together To Create Clasp

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Industry Leaders Recognize-and Answer-An Unmet Need.

Rio Grande, in collaboration with Ganoksin (parent to the Orchid
Forums), Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA), The
Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), and Bench Media,
proudly announces Clasp - A Convergence of Jewelers. The jewelry
industry continues to need purely educational forums that embrace a
broad cross-section of industry members - these industry leaders
developed Clasp to answer that need.

Clasp will be the first conference of its kind - an educational
conference designed to serve small manufacturers, metalsmiths,
designing jewelers and bench jewelers. Clasp will explore all
aspects of jewelry making art, striving to educate and inspire
jewelry-makers across the industry in a casual, collaborative
setting that provides extensive opportunities to network with peers
and to hear and interact with speakers from inside and outside the

Clasp is committed to presenting topics in three theme tracks: Muse,
Method and Money. Offerings in the Muse track will help each
jewelry-maker tap more effectively into their creativity by
inspiring and energizing them with compelling ideas for nourishing
the creative center. Offerings in the Method track will enhance
jewelry making skills at all levels. Offerings in the Money track
will explore the business topics that are essential to jewelry
makers. Working together, these three tracks will provide tangible,
valuable that each attendee can apply immediately for
improved business and creative results.

In addition, Clasp will serve to invigorate and reinvest in the
jewelry industry. Rio Grande finances and produces Clasp; Ganoksin,
MJSA, SNAG and Bench Media provide advisory support. This effort
will build individual jewelry makers’ success and will strengthen
the entire jewelry industry. Every person working within the
industry - from home-based bench to production manufacturing - will
benefit by Clasp.

The inaugural conference will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, from
September 15-17, 2006.

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