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First Piece? Teaching

My intro jewelry class was organized in such a way that each
project taught a specific skill. The first project was a pair of
earrings that were just cut and pierced. We had to make a shape
that had internal openings, glue them together then cut and
pierce the metal. We also had to learn to sand and polish them
correctly. Project #2 was a piece that was textured, mixed
metals which were riveted together. The design was based on a
food. Project #3 was made with wire and based on a portrait.
This was were we learned soldering. Project #4 was a
three-dimensional hollow form with an opening. Here is where we
honed our soldering skills.I found this approach very helpful as
each project zeroed in on a specific skill. We made numerous
drawings for each project and had one approved before beginning.
Good luck!

Very helpful, Vicki

I will certainly consider these projects, they are worthwhile

I have to keep in mind that this young student has not chosen a
career path at 13, simply expressed an interest. Having had an
unpleasant experience with Richard MaFong (at Ga State U) I try
to be true to teaching.

Thanks for sharing
Rick Hamilton