First official jewelry sale!

Hello out there in Orchid land…

Just wanted to share & celebrate the fact that I made my first
"official" jewelry sale today, i.e. one at an art sale to a total
stranger (rather to a friend in the pub…and not counting those
Fimo pins shaped like donuts and tacos I sold back in the late

The relevant part is that they were earrings about which I’d posted
here for help on how to cut a “thick line in thin metal”, and got so
much amazing feedback (as usual). Thank you all so very much for the
generosity and enthusiasm with which you share both your knowledge
and excitement about this world that has us all wrapped around its
little (not to mention every other) finger.

I’m going to donate the money I made from the sale to Orchid…ok,
so minus commission it’s only about $15, but given that I’m
unemployed it’s my way of giving back as best I can, with plans for
more to come.

Hope you’re all surviving the holiday craziness!

With much gratitude from Jessica, where this morning’s grey San
Franciscan skies eventually turned a lovely hazy blue.

Congratulations on your firts sale Jessica. I hope that it is the
first of many to come. It is indeed generous of you to donate your
profit to Orchid, especially since you are unemployed.

Joel Schwalb