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Firing Enamels with a torch

Hi, Enamels can be fired with a torch. Preferably from
underneath…Deb Lozier, a well known enamelist does most of her work
this way. I have also seen a torch fired plaque by Fred Ball I
think…all white enamel given depth and shade by the length of
exposure and intensity of the heat. I have only done beads and a few
small cast pieces myself.

Of course it would be hard to get an even coat of color over a large
surface this way, but it can be quite beautiful. Try doing an online
search under those two names or checking in books. If you can’t find
info e-mail me personally and I will figure out what books I have
that talk about it and forward it to you. It will be a while before I
have the time to do it though. Big order in January, who would have

Karen in Northern Ill.

I took a workshop with D. Lozier a couple years ago and she showed
us her entire process of torch-firing enamels. She did all her
enameling on copper and it was always heated from underneath only,
otherwise the enamel would burn. The colors were not quite as bright
and true as when kiln-fired, but Ms. Lozier certainly made a lot of
beautiful work with this process, with a style all her own.