Fire opals

Gustavo, I read that opal has an amount of water inside. When it is
mined some of it evaporates and causes “crazing” (cracking as the
moisture leaves) . It is said that it will stabalize after 48 hours and
no more should occure unless it is mistreated by heat or temperature
shock. It is natural for opal to have some fracture and many times is
treated to hide it with oil, plastic or frature filling. Next time I
would suggest buying rough that is not in water but dry. The water will
give you a preview of what to expect after it takes a polish. I’m not
an expert by any means but just yesterday a special customer brought me
a book all about opal since I am doing 9 custom designs for him from a
bag of stones he brought back from Australia in the 30’s. Patty in MO.

Boni Rios commented that it is said that opal will stabilize after 48
hours. Where is this opal from? There are opals that may be unstable
for a year. Virgin Valley opal from Nevada has a reputation for this.


Hau, O. B. McArthurs;

Fire Opal comes from Mexico. It is nothing like Virgin Valley opal, or
most opal matter a fact. Fire Opal is pretty hard, in fact it is one of
the only opals that can be faceted.

May the warm soft gentle winds of the great spirit bless your home, and
all that enter.

Dancing Horse

Hau Dancing Horse,
your post reminded me that one of my most prized gems is a beautiful
piece of Mexican fire opal.

In Oz, this Land of Opals, we have many varieties besides the famous
Lightning Ridge black opal. Amongst them is a lovely variety which we call
Crystal. This can also be facetted to enhance the effect. I have used this
facetted material set over diamonds. The facetting refracts the diamonds
beneath the opal, making it appear as though there are many more diamonds
than could possibly be there. The opal has lovely fire and patterning, but
is clear enough to reveal the pave diamonds beneath.

The recent posts about photo’s of Orchidists’ jewellery is stimulating me
to present some of my work once I can work out how to do it.

May your blessings boomerang. Rex from Oz.