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Fire opal

Hi Dancing Horse;
I stand corrected. My confusion comes from the description often given
of precious opal having a “play of fire” when it should read “play of
color”. According to “Gemstones of the World” by Schumann;“Fire opal is
named after its orange color…The best qualities are clear and
transparent which makes them suitable for being faceted. They are very
sensitive to every stress. Deposits are found in Mexico, as well as
Brazil, Guatemala, the United States, and Western Australia”.
No doubt the ones you come in contact with through the trade are the
top of the line fire opals.

                        Thank you, R.McArthur

O. B. McArthurs;

Thank you so much, for sharing with me, your wise knowledge. I’m now
learning a lot more about opals.

Again, thank you for your input, and taking your time to response to my

May the warm gentle winds of the Great Spirit bless your home, and all
that enter.

Dancing Horse