Fire agate carvers

hello! are there any fire agate carvers on the list?

Hi; I carve all types of stone what are you looking for? I have
25 yrs experiance in all types of jewelry and stone, only hand
facet. Please give me a description of what you want. I have
some fire agate in about 4 0z pieces, If you have some all the
better. you can contact me directly at Ringman
JOHN Henry

Yes we carve fire agate. I do not do a lot of it because the
market does not support it. Fire agate is the toughest
material I know to work. Most of my lower grade material is cut
into cabs to keep the price down and make them saleable. Good
gem grade fire agate is rare and deserves to be carved.

Gerry Galarneau
Galarneaus Gems