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Finishing wax models


Any advice on what to use to give wax models a high polish? High grit
Sandpaper seems to still leave marks. Also using wax gloss citrus
terpenes but the cloth seems to leave marks as well. Thanks for any


I use a butane powered heat gun and heat polish larger smooth areas.
be very careful with this method and practice a bunch before trying
it. I also use old nylon pantyhose stretched tight then rub wax model
on it. Detailed small areas get hard felt buff cut to contour and
rubbed lightly, this also works well when soaked in a bit of lighter
fluid, especially zippo brand.

I have heard that a nylon stocking with some Goo Gone helps to
smooth the surface.

Any advice on what to use to give wax models a high polish? 

flame polishing. If you happen to have a little torch, you finally
have a use for the smallest tip (that you can light. #1 with oxy
acetylene, or #2 or #3 with propane. You get the tiniest flame you
can that will still stay lit. Can be almost pinhead size. then just
lightly brush the surface of the wax to briefly melt it. Another
method to get a decent polish on the wax is rubbing with a bit of
nylone stocking material.

I’m a bit curious why you need a super polish. I’d have guessed that
what you get with the citrus wax polish and a soft cloth would be
fine. Glossier than that won’t really make any difference in the
final casting or a mold unless you didn’t remove prior tool marks
well enough first…


Depends on the wax type. We use a plasticized, very hard wax and we
use a flame to flame polish it if it is a smooth, no detail surface.
If high detail, we finish it in the metal. Sometimes we use a
solvent on an old nylon stocking for smoothing out bumps, tool
chatter marks and the like. I really depends on the wax you are
using and also the piece.

John Dach

Stockings, like pantyhose. Some are smoother then others

Hi Chris,

I use Bestine Solvent and Thinner on a Q-tip to take out file marks
and other small imperfections on waxes. The trick is not to overdo it
and get the wax gummy.


Sometimes I just pass the model through the flame of my alcohol
lamp–very quickly . It leaves a nice gloss on the wax. Other times I
rub the model with a piece of nylon stocking. It removes any scratch
marks and leaves the model nice and smooth. Alma

In school they taught us to use a piece of pantyhose

You can try the HATHO Rapidpol set for polishing resins by STULLER
or the Slurry coated stripes

Thanks to everyone for the info!