Finishing and texturing with a flex shaft


Does anyone know of a compendium/compilation of ways to finish and
texture metal (I work with sterling) with a flex shaft?

Or, do you have any tips you could share?

I’m interested in a Texturing Wheel for the flex shaft but don’t
want to plop down the $30 bucks for one to see if I like it or not.
I’m thinking there must be a way to make something that gives
similar results.

Thanks as always for your input,


The Flexible Shaft Machine-Jewelry Techniques By Harold O’Connor

Yes, there is a book - don’t remember the title off hand, but it
covers pretty much everything you can do with a flex shaft. That
said, go to your nearest (gasp) Wally World and buy some Dremel
texturing flex shaft bits… cheap, sturdy, great for playing with!

Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft

Beth Wicker

Hi Chris,

Texturing metal is endless fun and can be done with a flex shaft, by
hand with tools and hammer or with a rolling mill. Files are great
too. Just depends what kind of texture you are looking for.

Satin finishes - Scotch Brite, steel wool

Scratch finish - files, Mizzy wheels, Brown 1 inch Radial Bristle
discs, ball burs

Hammer textures - with a planashing hammer, riveting hammer or with
chasing tools

Roller printing - endless

Good textures with sterling can be achieved with a lush and yummy
surface from silver depletion. A process which slowly pulls out the
top layer of copper oxides by heating, pickling and burnishing.

The texturing wheel you are inquiring is I believe, the ones that
has small wires attached to a rotating wheel? If so, this will give
you a pebble like finish.

I enclosed an article which shows photos of the flex shaft texturing
wheels themselves and an example of the finish they make on brass.

Hope this helps!
Karen Christians