Finish coat for copper or brass

I admired a beautiful fold-formed copper cuff bracelet at a gem show
recently. It had a flame patina and a high gloss finish. I asked
about the finish, and was told it was acrylic. I want to preserve the
nice luster I have on my copper and brass pieces, and I want to keep
them from turning my skin green, too. I’ve had the best luck with
spray lacquer, but I’d like to know if there is something better.
I’ve tried renaissance wax with no luck, and acrylic spray & liquid
that were not the best results.

Any suggestions
Judy Anderson

tung oil…it’s what i have used on non wear copper
surfaces…multiple coats should last for awhile.

Judy, You might try ‘Permalac’ from SculpNouveau.

It does not leave a high gloss but does protect the surface. I find
it does dull some colors from flame painting but still looks very
nice. Try it.

Cheers from Don in SOFL.

Some of those flame patinas on copper are tough and don’t seem to
need protection. Experiment. I have tumble-polished (I use ceramic
media) some of mine for a couple of hours, and they look and stay
great. Anything sprayed on your jewelry, IMHO, will eventually wear
off in patches and be well-nigh unfixable.

Judy Bjorkman