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Finger fit ring shank preference


Good day once again,

Does anyone have a preference of a finger fit ring shank variety
they like over another.

Stuller has a couple varieties. The "Adjusto-Shank’ which slides
open vs. the “Finger Fit Shank” which has the latch that opens. I
also have a catalogue from “Finger Mate” which looks great also.

This is what I am looking at…my customer has very arthritic
fingers. She has an existing engagement ring where we can just cut
off the shank and re-attach the adjustable kind, easy…( yeah
right). Then she has 3 loose diamonds of various sizes that she
would like me to design a “right handed ring” (thanks DeBeers) from
scratch. No shank to deal with, heads etc…I have to create the
entire piece. Would I use the same kind of finger fit shank for both
or a different kind?

Any help on this would be fabulous.

Thanks VERY much! Hurray for it is the first day of summer, finally
and the longest day of the year.