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Fine sprayers for spraying Cupronil

The subject of fine sprayers for spraying Cupronil on metal caused
us to have several members test our new fine mist sprayers. Their
conclusion was the new sprayers we use on our 4 ounce Cupronil
bottles was a major improvement over the older sprayers.

We changed to a fine mist sprayers from a more dense sprayer on our
Cupronil spray bottles about two years ago.

As many of you have suggested the fine sprayer is a much better
method of coating the metal with Cupronil.

You might want to try the new sprayers. I would be happy to hear any
comments you may have on our product. As you all know I hate fire
scale with a passion. There is absolutely no reason for getting fire
scale on soldered projects or cast projects.

For those of you who vacuum cast silver check out my articles in
Orchids “Tips from the Jewelers Bench.” They explain a method of
preventing fire scale on vacuum cast sterling silver.

Improved Anti-fire Scale Casting Procedure

Firescale Prevention During Vacuum Casting - An Inexpensive Method

Lee Epperson