Fine silver wire crochet

hi all i just wanted to let you all know i was brave and did a
web page of my crocheted silver jewelry…i had several advisors,
and the final page is done, and even has capital
letters…amazing! patmcaudel’s
home page 2a

i will be writing and designing more workshops for Lapidary
Journal, and i am really excited about this. i also added some
beads to some of the designs, but you all will be proud of me, i
used Gemstone beads, tourmaline, moonstone, iolite, jade, and
have more to come. see, i read the board, (about beads and
publications) even if i don’t post often. there is also a
workshop on making a mounting out of the silver crochet, truly an
interesting concept. and a 7 petal’d rose… the workshops this
past year were very well received, and i hope one of you guys who
do this work will make the angel in this months issue. (and let
me know how she turned out!)

i wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday season…and a
wonderful new year. this board has been an important part of my
life this past year, and i have been learning from you all. pat

Hi Pat!

I love your work!! Nice webpage~~I’m looking forward to the
additions. Wire crocheting is something I’ve been contemplating
for a while =-)

Thanks =-)

i hope one of you guys who

Many Blessings to you all this Holiday season =-)


Hi Pat, Nice to see someone else doing crochet. Do your fingers
wear down too? Ruth

Ruth Baird Jeweller ph/fx +64 9 817 6816
New Zealand

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I Love your writing style on the website! The silver condom…
now is this functional?


B r i a n � A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r �
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND

Brian Adam Eyewear optica absurda and spec frames
Brian Adam Jewellery earrings, rings, jade passing it on more crochet!!

guess i shoulda given the measurement on that …it’s about1
1/2" but the cute part is that when you open the lid to see the
crystal, the little round parts that are flattened so you could
stand it up are heart shaped! and i only have the one left, i
have to find more crystals, they were very good sellers…

when i made my daughter pick out the crystals, she, who was 17
at the time, kept asking if some of them should be bent. i tried
not to laugh, actually she offered to do it, cause i promised if
she picked out the small ones, i wouldn’t buy the 3’ display

glad you liked the page.

  I Love your writing style on the website! The silver
condom... now is this functional? 

Functional?? Who knows? Funny, YES!

What is the URL for this page? I would really like to see it, i
have a broach that would probably fit really well with this…

Functional?? Who knows? Funny, YES!

That’s what I thought!

B r i a n � A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r �
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND

Patmcaudel’s Home Page 2

here you go! i just got my online catalogue up and running,
now i am having fun! and i used capital letters. my mommy
made me… pat

F> > I Love your writing style on the website! The silver
F> > condom… now is this functional?

F> Functional?? Who knows? Funny, YES!

G’day; Is ‘condominium’ another name for an aluminium

Have a lovely, happy Christmas time! Cheers,

       / /    John Burgess, 
      / /
     / //\    @John_Burgess2
    / / \ \
   / (___) \

Hi Pat: Your url for your web page did not work, could you send
it again! Thanks Chris

sorr it didn’t work, let me try this again: i just tested it
and this one works,

i was updating it last night, and put some new items on, that
could have been the problem. sorry about that! pat