Fine silver large beads

Thanks to all those who have participated over the years. This is
truly a valuable source of

I was hoping that someone out there in Orchid land had a wholesale
source for large fine silver beads. 10mm and up. If no one knows of
the fine silver source, I guess that sterling would also work (for
enameling), and I would appreciate your sharing the
Thanks for the interest.

Beth Katz

you will run into problems enameling on silver, so continue to look
ffor fine silver beads. Why not make your own??? I make all
mine–tiny ones and very large ones. I solder the halves together
with IT solder and have no problem when enameling on them. sterling
Silver is a pain. In order to enamel on it you have to bring the
fine silver to the surface by repeated heating and pickling. Even
then sometimes you have trouble if you are
enameling with transparents. Alma