Fine silver for plain ring bands

Is there any reason not to use fine silver for plain narrow ring bands? Say, about 1.3mm?
Thanks, Sue

It is very soft and may not hold its shape. It is also easily dented. Maybe a better application for sterling silver…Rob


Yes, like Rob said fine silver is considered too soft for such a narrow ring.

As far as I know a little bit of copper is added to pure/fine silver to create sterling silver, not to lower the cost, but to strengthen the metal.

That said, you could use fine silver, it will just bend easily.


Thanks. You are right about the copper. Fine silver only costs a little more, I was surprised at that.

I may make some, they’ll be thick enough at 1.3 not to squish, and hammered, so little knocks shouldn’t matter. The style is not my thing, but I get enough young people asking (at my market tables), that I will make a few for that. They’ll be very inexpensive. Cheerio

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