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Fine Silver - change of color

Hello you all , I’m a new member in this forum, and I must say I
enjoy it very much. You all know so much… I’m working for almost
two years now with 999 silver wires - and I have this irritating
problem. Fine silver, after a while, changes its color (a little bit
yellow-grey). Usually I plate it again with 999 silver. I hope it
will hold… Do you know a better way to keep the bright silver
color? Hope you have the answer. Sorry for my poor English… Thank you
Sara Shahak Israel @Sara_Shahak

Dear Sara, I will interested to see what is said. I work with fine
silver wire at times and it does go dull in a patina of use. You seem
to have come up with an excellent solution. Do you know Janet Berg
who is on this list and lives in Jerusalem? Jay