Fine powder PMC - silver powder

Hi Laura, I am a chemist and a metalsmith and may be able to help
you. I have done some experimenting myself with metal powders to
produce various effects and perhaps if I knew what the intended
purpose of the silver powder I could be better able to guide you.
With that said, the easiest way to generate some “rough” silver
powder, is to make up a solution of silver nitrate and drop in a
piece of copper wire (just wad up a piece of 22 gauge bell wire).
This will give you a mixture of larger silver crystals and smaller
particles which I would describe as silver sludge. Filter out the
silver, wash it with distilled water and dry it. You can then use a
set of sieves to separate the powder into various grades. If you
want all the silver to be a fine powder you can use a ball mill to
reduce the mixed sludge to a more uniform powder. There are other
methods and various procedures for purifying, and separating out the
various particle sizes. Contact me off list if you would like to
discuss this further, then perhaps you can post the results of your
efforts after you have perfected them.

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