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Fine gold soldering

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for gold solder(alloy) for 24k yellow gold pieces.
Where can I purchase gold solder for 24k gold. If there is no place
for it, is there any website or book for fine gold soldering and
gold solder? Any help wlecome!!!


Tae-ywan Kim
Digital Craftsman
Research member, Instructor
Kookmin University
Seoul, South Korea

Where can I purchase gold solder for 24k gold. 

I think most people just use 22kt gold for solder. Just take some of
your 24kt. and make a bit of 22k with it. 22k is .916, by the way.
Take .916 gram or Dwt. of fine, add half/half silver/copper to make
the weight 1 gram or 1 Dwt. as the case may be, and you’ll have 22kt.

Just use 22karat gold wire or sheet it melts at a lower temperature
than 24k, or even use 18 Karat wire, you might also attempt to
fuse without solder (it takes technique/practice) on some items it
may be possible,

Hello Kim,

Try taking a small piece of 24K and rolling it as thin as possible or
if you do not have a roller then hammer this on a hard plastic block
and when thinner than paper cut a piece slightly larger than your
project is and do a fusing. This should be practiced on non project
pieces and when you become proficient at this you can melt the gold
back in to your main piece. When you reach a level of positive
you will then buy less solder an have equal colour and less chance of

Good Luck, Stephen