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Findings source for Lab grown Diamonds

We have started selling lab grown diamonds and with the prices so low compared to natural customers are buying bigger for their dollar. I can find 4 and 6 prong peg and split style settings for up to 6 ct. round. Who has a great source for heads 6ct to 10 ct. that can be used in a solitaire setting. Baskets in these sizes are easy to come by its the die struck heads that I am looking for, I could fabricate these large heads but I need a supply that can meet the demands


Here’s the first example I looked at:

Another (also metal mold) goes up to 11.9mm / 6 Ct.

They have a variety of shapes, round, oval, square, etc. in various metals.

Stuller has the greatest selection I know of.

Neil A

Thank you Neil, Stuller is a great source for settings, I am looking for those heads from the 6ct. to 10ct. in the same style you are showing.

Hi Robert!

woohoo! 6ct to 10ct! big bang for the bucks!

I jeweler friend of mine was saying that they are experiencing an increase…about +30% bridal using the lab created diamonds…interesting!

I did not realise they come in all the same variations of color and clarity as naturally occuring diamonds…being the same chemically/ molecularly…!


Hi Julie, we just started selling lab grown. Being man made there is no rarity to worry about so the cuts and makes of the diamonds are ideal and available in all shapes.
Do you have any suggestions for findings companies that stock heads in sizes 6+ct to 10ct.?