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Finding the center

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a sort of caliper which also has a center point (or some other tool which does). Mostly for getting the exact spot to drill or punch a hole for earwires. Thank you


here is a general purpose centering gauge…but it us for finding center on a round disc…

in terms of finding center on other things, i often use my starette dividers…mark from one side (or point) and then the other side (or point)…the center is between the 2 scribed marks (or 3 marks, or 4 marks, etc…)

i hope that makes sense…

ie, lets say you have a piece of sterling sheet, the size of a stick of gum…if you open up the dividers to what you think is half the width, and then run one leg down the side of the metal while scribing a line on the metal with the other leg…and then repeating thus on the other side…the center/ muddle will be between those 2 lines…the closer together the better…

you can use this same concept on other shapes/ sizes…


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Thanks Julie, I have done that but wanted to avoid having marks to clean up. But you said “center gauge” and that made me google that - I found a hobby model maker with something which wasn’t what I want, but it gave me an idea to cut a rectangle with a 90 degree point on it, with marks on either side of the point to line up with the sides of the piece I want to pierce. Kind of like an arrowhead. As long as I get the marks exactly right this should work. Cheerio

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oops! i neglected to post the link to the center gauge earlier:

is this what you found?


No, but thank you. I think the idea I’ve come up with will work pretty well though. Many thanks.