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Finding sheet iron or steel


Look in the yellow pages for steel or iron suppliers, and ask if they
have a scrap bin. We have several such suppliers here in Portland,
and they sell smaller pieces ranging in size from 36" square, down to
8 or9 inches. These are clean remnants from larger pieces. The
supplier I use stores scrap neatly in large pigeon hole type
storage units, according to gauge, and type. They have cold rolled
steel, stainless, and types in between. I often enamel on steel
and always find the gauges and sizes I need. For a small fee, they
will cut larger sizes. They sell by the pound, and it is very
inexpensive. I once tried the huge scrap yards, but what they had
was really scrap, and was dumped in piles, rusty, and unmarked as to
gauge or type. Better to try the places that are listed in the
yellow pages under steel distributors. Phone and ask if they have a
scrap bin. If they don’t, then ask them if they know of any places
that do. When you explain that you are using it for art purposes,
they are usually very accomodating and helpful. . --Alma


Another alternative is to call some fabrication companies in you
area. My freinds father owns a company that makes stte cylinder and
other things out of steel and stainless and ther is a surplus of
scrap just lying around so maybe that could be a start.