Finding good suppliers of tools

I have recently moved to Pittsburgh from the UK and want to get back
into making jewelry. I want to find good suppliers of tools and
equipment, polishing motor, tumbler and bullion. The bullion I would
need to able to buy in small amounts.



Being from Pennsylvania myself (but greeting you from Myrtle Beach
at the moment) I’d recommend the UK over Pittsburgh ! :wink: But anyway

  • try Contenti in Rhode Island. Huge stock, everything is usually in
    stock, and two-day ground shipping to PA addresses (OK - maybe three
    to Pittsburgh, I don’t know). Check them out at
    ( I think they’re Orchid supporters too.
    Very nice people to boot.

Best Regards,
Brian Corll
Vassar Jewelers
Mechanicsburg, PA


I hope I am doing this right. Four sources are:

Rio Grande
Santa Fe Jewelry Supply
Otto Frei Quality Jewelry supply

I have used the first two because they are closer to me, cheaper
shipping. I have been very happy with their service. They answer all
questions, Ship same day as long as the order is placed before 4:00
pm Mountain time.

I have not used Otto Frei or Gesswein but from what I hear they are
also very reputable suppliers. You can find them and thousands more
with a Google search for Jewelry Supply

Hope this helps. BTW I also sent you a very similar message direct
to your e-mail before I figured out how to do it from here.

John Sexton ( Jack )
Omni Crafts

Hey I am in Pittsburgh I think it is way better than the UK ;p lol
well CHEAPER Anyway and better than Phillie any day super :stuck_out_tongue:

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

I really like Frei and Borel in California. If you order enough
stuff, they will give you a discount. If you sent up an account and
pay within 15 days you can get a discount. they are really nice and
easy to deal with. I have even gotten free shipping but I bought
several $1000’s of equipment at the time. They also sell findings
check them out.


Thanks for the reply. I have looked at Contenti but as with a lot of
other sites they do not seem to supply gold & silver (unless I am
missing it) and this is what I will need most. I am going to try Rio

Ian Haigh

here are a couple of refiner/suppliers web sites.

This ones local store in the detroit area has Silver don’t know
about gold.

Hope this helps you find your metal supplier.

glen, been there done that!

My silver from Metalliferous tarnishes very quickly. When I went to
another jeweler, they asked if it was, in fact, real silver. Has
anyone else had this problem? The other silver items that I have do
not seem to tarnish as quickly.

No, I haven’t had that problem with silver from Metalliferous.
However, I’ve only purchased small items such as ear posts & nuts and
jump rings. They haven’t tarnished.