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Finding disposable oxygen


Hi everyone, I just purchased a little torch kit to use with
disposable propane/oxygen tanks but I’m at a loss as to where I might
find disposable oxygen tanks. What kind of place locally tends to
carry them?

Carrie Otterson
Wired Contemporary Jewelry


Carrie, Sears carries disposable oxygen tanks. They run about $10
for very little oxygen. Before I got my refillable oxy tank, I would
use three or more of the disposable tanks for one disposable propane

P & J Jewelry


Carrie: I had the same dilemma for a while ago, but my chainmaking
instructor managed to find a source – The Home Depot. I am now
stocked up and ready to solder! I hope there is one in near you!



It’s been years since I used them, so I don’t know if this is
current, but when I used them, I got them from Sears, of all
places… And I seem to recall seeing them at one of the local
large hardware chains too. Not sure if that was home Depot, or
Lowes, or the like…



Hi Carrie,

 just purchased a little torch kit to use with disposable
propane/oxygen tanks but I'm at a loss as to where I might find
disposable oxygen tanks. What kind of place locally tends to carry

If you’ve got a Home Depot in your area, try there, in the tool
dept. I’ve not looked, but Lowes Home Centers probably have them as
well. Your local Ace Hrdw store probably has them as well.



Hi Carrie You should be able to find the disposable tanks, both
oxygen and propane at any large hardware store. Unfortunately, you
are going to be in for an unhappy surprise. Those little red
disposable oxygen tanks don’t last very long. When I first bought my
little torch, I used disposable oxygen and could easily use it up in
an afternoon. I was wondering if I had a leak. I finally did a
calculation and discovered that for every one disposal propane
cylinder, you would need about 40 disposable oxygen cylinders. I was
paying about $4.00 for a disposable propane cylinder and about $10
for a disposable oxygen cylinder, so for every $4 I was spending on
propane, I was spending about $400 on oxygen. I ended up buying a
small high pressure oxygen tank and regulators. I’ve had it for
about a year and I am still working on my first tank of oxygen.

Milt Fischbein
Calgary AB Canada


Home Depot or Lowes. You can get propane and oxygen there but the
oxygen won’t last long. Maybe a week or two. You can get a large O2
tank from a welding supply house. They deliver too. Renting a
large tank may cost $100 per year filling it once maybe. Also,
you’ll need a regulator for the O2. $100 usually. The disposable one
will work for the propane. Don’t bother getting an expensive
regualtor for the propane since it doesn’t matter anyway and what you
have will do. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:



Thanks everyone on and off list who replied to my initial query! I
found some at my local Lowe’s.

Someone mentioned just using a refillable oxygen tank along with the
disposable propane. My question is this: I purchased the little
torch kit for disposable tanks with the disposable regulators. When
I asked at Rio if I could eventually use refillable tanks with this
torch, I was told no. Perhaps she misunderstood, thinking I was
inquiring about using the regulators. But if I get an appropriate
regulator and remove the one for the disposable tank, is there any
reason why I couldn’t use my torch with it? Isn’t the torch itself
compatible with any propane/oxy setup?

Carrie Otterson
Wired Contemporary Jewelry


After using disposable oxygen tanks for a while, I upgraded to a
larger tank last year. However, I still use disposable propane tanks
for safety reasons.

I choosing an oxygen regulator I was concerned about getting one that
would supply good regulation at low outlet pressures as needed for
the Smith Little Torch. The local welding company was quoting a
fairly high price and did not seem to have much experience with
jewelry applications, so I went looking on the Net.

Harris is one of the leading suppliers of gas regulators. I called
their Tech Support line (800 447-6906) and spoke with their regulator
guru, Doug Perry on ext. 179. His suggestion was their Model 25
regulator set up for an outlet pressure of either 0-15 psi or 0-50

A Google search on Harris Model 25 turned up with
a price of $52 and free shipping. You can also call them on 877

I would still like the convenience of being able to use a disposable
oxygen tank and dislike throwing out the empties. Has anyone ever
heard of a method to refill one of the disposables? If the pressure
of a full disposable tank was 50 psi or less, I could fill it from my
existing regulator.

  • Brad Smith
    Los Angeles


Hi Carrie,

The problem you’ll run into when converting a Little Torch using
disposable gas/oxy canisters to refillable ones is the fittings on
the end of the hoses. Typically, the hoses are connected permanently
to the regulator for the disposable canister. The fitting that
connects them is not compatible with the regulators used on
refillable tanks. It may be possible to get some adapter fittings
that’ll permit connecting one to the other. I’ve never seen any
advertised, but contacting a shop that sells welding supplies & gases
may be able to help.



It says that in the catalog, that once you use the torch kit with
one set of regulators you can never switch. You could always sell
this set up when you’re ready to upgrade.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Studio 925; established 1992


Carrie, They misunderstood you. I have used the disposable regulator
on the propane side of my torch while using a refillable oxygen tank
and regulator on my oxygen side. The reason being the disposable oxy
tanks are about ten bucks and lasted me about two days. The propane
are a couple of bucks and last much longer. It was in a mall setting.

Regards J Morley . Goldsmith


Dave, I didn’t encounter that problem when I converted to a
refillable tank through a new regulator. I bought my little torch
and the hose connections were totally compatible wit the oxygen
regulator. Jim


Carrie Yes you can definitely use your torch with a refillable oxygen
tank You have to get a different regulator, but once the oxygen is
regulated down to a few psi of pressure, the torch does not know
whether the gas came from a disposable bottle or a high pressure
refillable bottle.

Milt Fischbein
Calgary Canada