Finding Competitions to Participate in

Hi All Thanks Charles for your URLs with competition details.
Unfortunately most of these are no longer accessible and I was
wondering how most people find out about participating in
intermational and Australian (award) exhibitions. Occasionally I find
out about something and submit my work, but generally I am the last
to know and usually its so close to closing for submissions that I
don’t have time to get something made, if there is a theme involved,
and photographed. I know Metalsmith is a fantastic magazine and it
probably has a lot to offer in that regard although I understand that
foreigners are not always eligible to compete? My favourite country
for contemporary jewellery, Germany has competitions which only
appear to be publicised once they have been run, and England well I
have no idea. Having limited funds(!) it it not always possible to be
a subscriber to numerous magazines, or be a memberof a number
oforganizations, so what would you suggest? Any thoughts would be
most welcome.

Christel van der Laan