Finding casting facilities

Hi all,

I am a student fresh out of school and have only the basic tools for
jewelry making. I was wondering if you could recommend places to
look for casting facilities. I found on place here in Denver but to
cast you have to sign up for a class. My only issue with this is that
money is tight and I dont want to pay for the same instruction that
I have already had and I am worried that I wont get as many flasks
cast as I would like to. Is it kosher to just cold call artists and
ask them?

Thank you,
Alex Kady
Denver CO

I found on place here in Denver but to cast you have to sign up
for a class. 

Alex, sometimes the reason for the class is not as much to reteach
you the basics but to make sure you know what the studios’ rules,
regulations, traditions and habits are so the two of you can work
together on a long term basis. Our local art studio allows us artists
to use the jewelry lab or pottery workshop (with an annual
participation pass) only after we have taken the basic class for the
medium. It is a policy that works because even the most knowledgeable
artist may do things differently than this studio is requesting every
one do. If taking their casting class would allow you to then use the
facilities on an on going basis, the class may be a cheap solution.
If you would only be able to cast while in that class, then I agree
with you, it would not be worth it. Maybe you could get hired and as
am employee have access to the casting facility.

Just some thoughts, jeanette


Are you looking to learn more about casting or are you looking to
have someone else cast items for you. I am in Longmont. Email me off
list to see if I can be of some help. Have a great day

Greg DeMark