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Finding Abalone pieces

Hello Orchidians, Does anyone know where I might purchase some small
pieces of abalone shell to repair a Mexcian inlay bracelet?

There is a large area missing and I cannot find a source. Thanks for
all of your help.

Sharon B.

Dear Sharon, Send me a stamped self addressed padded envelope and I
will send you more Abalone shell than you will need…no charge! I
pick it up on the beach all the time. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.
( Mills Gem Co. 2141 10’th St. Los Osos, CA. 93402)

Hi Sharon, I have some Abalone shell which I would sell or swap. I
would prefer to swap as it has less impact on one’s cash flow and You
can sometimes come up with material which could not be found easly

Hey! Ron at Mills Gem; I was reading some messages from orchid and I
came across your message to Sharon about; that your finding abalone
shell on the beach. I’m new to inlaying and I’ve just started to work
on some Christmas projects for the family and I was wondering, what’s
the chance of me obtaining some abalone shell? I’ve been searching the
web for some and the only places I could find is some place in New
Zealand and the prices they quote is just plain “nuts.” Well, my
intentions are honorable, the use for this shell material is for my
own personal use for Christmas presents. My new father ‘n’ law (just
been married a year) we found out this year is dyeing of spinal
cancer and they say he only has about 6 months, and I wanted to do
something special this Christmas. Hey! I understand if you say no, but
I seen your response and thought, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try!
Thank you; for anything you maybe able to do Rick Johnson 4819 Terrace,
Ave St.Louis, MO 63116

I hope I am not being repetitive, but inhaleing abalone dust is
dangerous, use a repirator please! sue b in shingle springs

I have some Pau shell that I would donate for this project Rick. Let
me know if you want me to mail it out. How much…etc. etc.

By the way…experience speaking here…say all the thank yous
and good byes to your father in law while you can. Hard to do I know
but makes life better for you both. (Don’t forget to thank him for
the wonderful woman he made for you.)


For those interested…

I live in N. Calif near the coast and we all dive for abalone all the
time (in season of course) and thus we/I have a great source of
shell. Diver collectors used to sell the shell to companies making
table tops, major scale jewelry lines, etc. and it is now illegal to
sell the shells but if anyone wants a shell or 2, send postage and I
will send you one or 2 whole shells. I think 2 maybe even 3 shells
will fit into a 3day UPSP mailing box and that would cost about
$3.00. I am not selling the shells I would just like to be
reimbursed for the postage.

If you contact me, PLEASE be sure to give me your postal address.

John Dach
MidLife Crisis Enterprises
P.O. Box 44
Philo, CA 95466
Phone 707-895-2635 / 800-749-1981
FAX 707-895-9332

C.T. Designs
Cynthias sculptures are at:
Maiden Metals,
A small bronze foundry, no web site yet!!

Dear Rob, Thanks for your offer. I only need about a 1 1/2" square to
cut up or small pieces to put together for the missing section of
the bracelet. If you have any small cut pieces in a darker tone, let
me know what you would like for them.

Thanks very much,
Sharon Bloom

Dear John, Thanks for the info about the shells. I was only needing a
few small pieces to fill in an area about 1 1/2" square. I don’t
have any way to cut a whole shell, but I am sure your offer has
perked up other Orchians.

I really appreciate your and will let others know.

Sharon Bloom

Where can I find abalone pieces, Sharon asked!!

Well, Sharon, I believe the Best Place to get Abolone is The
Stoneworks in Dunstable, Massachusetts. The are also a great source
for Yogo Sapphires(Montana Sapphires)…Their website is

I wish you the best of luck!!

Mark Cunha

Mr. Kimes; Thanks a lot, I appreciate the kind words, I lost my own
father to altzheimers a few years back and it was a horrible thing to
watch and go through, I learned form that experience not to take life
for granted. Again thanks for the kind words and anything that you
maybe able to part with would be very helpful. I didn’t know that
there was still people left on this old rock of ours like this!

                                            Thanks Very Much
                                            Rick Johnson

Mr. Dach; I’m interested in some of the shells that you are talking
about, I’m new to inlay work and my new father’n’law (married a year
now) we found out is dyeing from cancer, they gave him six months,
anyway I was trying to find a place where I could get some shell
material in order to make a special gift for him for an early
Christmas. Just tell what I need to do exactly and I’ll do whatever is

                                    Rick Johnson
                                    4819 Terrace, Ave.
                                    St. Louis, MO 63116

Hi Ron, I saw your note in Orchid about Abalone shell. I have found
one supplier in the UK for Abalone. Each shell costs from about $25 to
$35 each. Could you collect some shell for me. I would be happy to


Dear Richard,

I really have no interest or time to become a formal supplier of
abalone shell, but I would be quite happy to send you a nice
selection of abalone in exchange for some of your fine Scottish
agates or, for that matter, any Brit materials suitable for making
durable and interesting cabochons.

Ron at Mills Gem Co. Los Osos CA.

P.S. The last time I visited the British Museum of Natural History in
Kensington I bought the fabulous Brit paper back on Agates in the
museum book shop. It is a rather modest publication, but the layout
and photography are top knotch. The Scottish Agates portrayed therein
are incredible ! Cheerio and all that rot ! R.M.

Richard, And other Orchid members, I have a supply of Abalone pieces
from the thick outer lips ( called “Cut Lip” ) from some old stock as
well as new Pink Mussel Shell , both used in tradational Native
American as well as Southwestern Jewelry. I also have a lot of
Turquoise, in the rough, slab, tumbeled as well as (1/4 to 3/8)
screened and lightly tumbeled material . There are some other
materials available as well

I would be as willing to trade materials and/ or work as I would be to
sell this. Please contact me off line and we can communicate more ,
as well as let you see scanned images of the specific materials. This
material has been paid for a while,and I have a willingness to swap
for materials which I don’t have. ROBB - Retired Old Baby
Boomer - as of April 1, 2000