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Finding a jewelry rep

hello all… I am trying to launch a jewelry business - problem is, I
love MAKING things but I am lousy at selling. also Ihave a full
time job and I would rather use my free time making jewelry than
hawking it. so I end up just selling through word of mouth or the
occasional commission, and I’m really not getting anywhere.

SO, I’m asking everyone out there for advice on how to go about
finding a jewelry rep. I haven’t got a clue how to proceed. where
do I look? is there a listing of people who do this kind of thing?

any help would be immensely appreciated – whether it’s a listing,
directory, index, or the names of individuals! please reply to


many thanks, all!

Let me piggy-back on Tereze’s question as I am very interested in
this topic. I’ll bet I’m not the only one. Please reply to the group
rather than directly to Tereze’s email address. (I hope you don’t
mind Tereze, but I’ve learned that there are a lot of orchid
participants interested in the answer to almost any question.)

Hi Tereze, I too have been searching for a rep for a while with not
much luck A few suggestions that have come my way- talk to the
stores that you sell to (or would like to even) and ask them what
reps they like to deal with, many will share the names of their reps
that sell line to them. I’ve tried to talk to other craftspeople who
do compatable work but thats not always productive, understandably.
I have had a few contacts at trade shows, since many reps are there,
but still no good fit for my work yet. I think an important
criteria of a potential rep is considering what other lines they
show. It doesnt seem to be a benefit to be the high end line, makes
it harder for them to sell to the existing accounts that they have
relationships with.

I have settled on the fact that I must service my own accounts with
trunkshow visits, phone calls and developing the ‘story’ that sells
the line. Unfortunately all things that take me off the bench and
away from what I love but its seems to be the price of growth.

Any wise advice or opinions out there? t lee vegas newbie doing a
frantic daily tailchase to prepare…

National Jeweler has a large section in their classified ads with
companies who are looking for a Jewelry Rep. To contact them and
put in an ad, call 800-688 7318 ext. 30 or (972)906 6595… Laurie
Toelle is the person to speak with.

Another suggestion is to attend the gift show (there is a large one
in New York) . Find the jewelry section of handmade goods. There
are reps there selling many lines that can be contacted. If you
live far from New York, contact the promoter to receive a show
booklet. I don’t remember who the promoter is, however if you call
the Javits Center in New York City they can give you the name and
phone number.

An additional suggestion is to walk into local stores that might be
interested in your type of jewelry and explain what you do . Then
ask if they know of sales reps to refer. This is one of the best

Good Luck,
Diane Sadel

Right now, through Tuesday, May 7 is the Accessories Circuit show in
NY. It is a trade show for boutique buyers mostly, but most of the
fine fashion jewelry showrooms bring their designers there. If you
live near the area I would try to find a way to get in. It is open
to buyers, press, but when there is a will there is a way., 212.759.8055. They publish a
directory of vendors that list their showroom affiliations and
contact info.

You could go to these trade shows and talk to reps from showrooms,
and get names of people to approach either at that showroom, or maybe
they know independant reps that are looking for lines.

good luck!
Lissa Aguila

Hi Tereze, I know exactly where you are coming from. I have been
researching some of my options for putting the selling part of the
business in someone elses hands, too. One way of finding a jewelry
rep is to place an ad in certain magazines. Depending on what type
of jewelry and to what market you want to sell, you can try Lapidary
Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, maybe Niche?

You can also try using a showroom. If you sell quantities in the
100’s to 1000’s there’s one in SoHo where buyers from Barney’s and
other upscale department stores plus jewelry editiors from fashion
magazines go to look at new, hot stuff. It’s called Fragments - they
have a web site I am not sure, but I think
they charge $350 per month and 15%. And if you can manage that much
volume you can also try sending in press releases to magazines that
your work would fit in. At Designer’s Day during the MJSA show there
was a panel of jewelry editors from magazines like Glamour, WWD, Real
Simple, and other big magazines and they all welcome receiving press
releases. If your jewelry happens to fit the theme they are
featuring they will call you up so they can shoot your jewelry for
that issue.

Hope some of these ideas are what you are looking for.