Finding a jewelry mold maker for charms

Hi everyone, I am new at this and look forward to reading all the
posts. I am interested in finding a jewelry mold maker for charms. I
think that is what it is called. In other words I need someone to
make a design so I can send to a caster to make charms. Does that
make sense? I know there is a name to that but it currently escapes
me. Can anyone tell me the cost for something like this? Private
emails are OK. Thanks, Teri

Hi Teri, You need a model maker, to make a solid version of your
drawn design, then a mold maker who will take the model and make a
rubber or silicone mold from it, then someone to pull waxes from your
rubber mold to cast with. I know some people in Los Angeles, call me
for names and addresses. Daniel Ballard 213-689-4872

Hi Teri What you are looking for is a model maker. Models can be made
by hand or by computer ( depends on the product). Also when making a
model the question is piece by piece or mass production. What is your
goal? We will be happy to quote on mass production in silver or gold.
You can e-mail to If you would like to see
samples of our goods (Abraxas production as well as imported goods)

Actually,You are more than likely looking for a model maker or a
designer with Cad experience.If you have designs /drawings etc, we
can certainly help you get started.

I Am a model maker who works from drawings… We also have cnc model
making capabilities ( this is from Cad drawings) so we can probably
help you out after the Christmas Rush…

We also are a full casting and finishing company. Please contact us
off list if you are interested at We will
reply sometime after Thanksgiving weekend.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Best Wishes,
Daniel Grandi