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Finding a Gallery [Long question]

Anyone have any recent experience in trying to find a Gallery
that is out of state? I have my work in two local Galleries now,
but my experience has always been with places where I can walk
in, talk to the owner, show them my work. This gives me some
idea about whether the place is appropriate for my work, and how
reliable I feel the people are. Now I am interested in branching
out to other areas of the country(I live in NYC). Any tips,
hints etc about who to send to. I have a publication called
Directory of Craft Shops and Galleries published by Front Room
Publishers in NJ and it gives alot of info–but I still feel
strange about shipping off a piece of jewelry to someone I don’t
know at all. I’ve read a great deal about sending SASE’s, photos
etc. and have set up my material to make it easy for the Gallery
owner to look at it and return it. I did try a few Galleries and
several never even returned my photos (with $!.00 worth of
return stamps on the envelope.) Any advice would be appreciated.

My only suggestion would be to either try ‘wholesale shows’ or
to visit the gallery you’re interested in (perhaps a weekend
trip?) I haven’t ventured in that direction yet.

I to live in NYC and tried to branch out- I found I get more
money here for my stuff then anywhere else. I was not very
successful mailing promotional packages to Galleries. What
worked was actually getting on the train/plane and going to
different cities where I luckily have friends and hitting the
pavement. I had a shop in Boston for awhile carry my stuff and
then they went belly up. I also have some stuff in Los Angeles
but I am not very happy with them at the moment. I need to hit
the pavement again soon to push my work some more- my day job
however is really been getting in my way!! When I made what I
considered “crappy/cheap” stuff it sold better because it was
"Cheap".I am much happier with my designs now - but I have to
charge a lot more for my work now so I need to do some research
of my own inregard to finding new retail outlets…Where do you
sell your stuff in NYC, I would love to go and check it
out!!!Good luck!!!


Now I am interested in branching out to other areas of the
country(I live in NYC).  Any tips, hints etc about who to send

Sandra, Try the Crafts Report magazine (800-777-7098)

Wendy Newman


Since you are able to sell you pieces in New York, you may want
to consider some of the weekend getaway spots that New Yorkers go
to on a regular basis. There are galleries in major ski area such
as Stow, VT (I had sold a piece in one called Shimmering Glass in
Waitsfield) and there is a jewelry store at Stratton Mountain in
southern VT who caters to the New York crowd. I think the name
is something like Von Bergen. He carries exclusively designer
jewelry, very high end. There is also the Saratoga area for the
summer crowd, but I’m not familiar with what’s there. Lenox, MA
has lots of galleries and $$$ (Tanglewood area). You could scope
these places out without spending a fortune on travel.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Wendy–thanks for the suggestion. I do get Crafts Reports and
they often highlight galleries. One that I contacted and sent
material to (pictures etc) never got back to me and never
returned my photos. I was really disappointed.


Where in LA do you have your work? I live not far from here,
I’d like to see it first hand.