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Finding a current refiner?

The two companies my jewelry teacher referred me to a few years ago appear to be out of business. They were and Precious Metals West.
I have mostly silver.
Who is currently recommended?
Thank you.

Hoover and Strong in Richmond VA…Rob

I don’t know where you are, but I use Hauser & Miller in St. Louis. But then I’m in Kansas City area.

Thank you both. I would be sending from FL. Hauser and Miller is going out of business, too. So sad. As someone who grew up in St. Louis, this makes me extra sad.
So I guess that leaves Hoover and Strong.

Hi. I use Elemetal (the one in the Boston area but there are several locations)
Another one that people I know like is United Precious Metals Refining

I’ve used Geib in RI.

You will not do better than David H. Fell.

Hoover and Strong is a family-owned business, has been for generations. They seem to have the best prices for sending in scrap and for buying metals. Their minimum quantities for metals really helps me to just buy what I need for my shop. Once I dealt with another refiner and I was sorry; my money didn’t go as far and the service was terrible. I’ve had an account with Hoover and Strong for over 30 years and they seem to be the most dependable. They can be reached at 800-759-9997, or on the Internet. Good Luck, Caroline

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Thank you all! Looks like I have some good options!