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Finding 14k Gold Findings

Hi, all! I’m just getting started in jewelry repair and fabrication,
and am presently working on my stone-setting skills. I haven’t had
any training in soldering or casting yet (this summer), so I am
dependant on pre-cast findings in 14k gold. I would very much
appreciate any help in locating suppliers of pre-cast items. Already
have Frei&Borel and Rio catalogs, but I need more variety and internet
searches have been unsuccessful. All suggestions are welcome. Alan
Revere suggested we subscribe to Orchid - this is a wonderful source
of Many thanks!

Jim Marotti
Lancaster, TN 38569
e-mail: @jmarotti

Hello Marotti,

i can’t help you with address in America,but I would like to
stimulate you of making your own settings.It looks and is hard in the
beginning,but as you get along ti beomes easy.If you don’t start
today,… then you won’t start tomorrow!! I’ve been there a while
ago!! You would be amazed about your skill’s and your fantasy as soon
as you start making them by yourself.A very good help is starting
with simple geometrical desings and then cut out some patterns.Next
level would be a combination of several pieces and solder them
together.By all means,I think you’re just a little scared if you
allow me to use this expression because you don’t know where you have
to start and how to do it.I can only speak for myself but I know that
lots of fellow jewellers know exactly what I mean if I say that my
first piece whas a piece of … but I was very proud of it at that
time. Hope that this will encourage you to go your way. Regards Pedro

Try searching the MJSA web site at – look
under “ReferralNet.” MJSA has quite a lot of members who supply
findings, and I’m sure you can find someone who offers what you’re
looking for.

Hope that helps!

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (520) 563-8255