Filigree mountings

I am looking for a supplier of ‘old style’ filigree ring mountings.
What I am seeking are mountings similar to the Art Deco platinum
mounts of the '30s & '40s. I have heard that there are companies
currently making them. Does anyone know of company names and phone
numbers or web sites that handle these?

Thanks in advance
Lorri Ferguson

Fred, go to they are a great
supplier of filigree products. The prices on the website are triple keystone.

I know of a ‘new’ company that makes filigree mountings, very
innovative, they’ll be at the MJSA show in NYC in March, or write to
me for further info. @Gerald. …gerry!

   I am looking for a supplier of 'old style' filigree ring

Whitehouse Brothers 700 Walnut Street Suite 609 Cincinnatti, O. 45202

They are what you are looking for.

Ken Weston

hi Ken

here is a name for you, Fred Jacobs, 905-770-7693, he does fantastic
work and also filigree mountings…use my name,eh? gerry, the