Filigree and plique-a-jour enameling

Does anyone know if they teach plique-a-jour enameling in Norway?
Or anywhere else, for that matter? Thanks.


NO, I have never heard about it. I have seen they use enamel in
filigree, but not like yours. That work was REALLY beautiful!



Dear Lise et al, I’ve done plique-a-jour enameling on extremely fine
filigree (wire thickness: .005"=.10mm) with shading (tiny flowers
deep pink in center fading out to white on edges—total flower dia.
4mm.). I have some pics, but no website (yet). Will send to anyone
who wants to see. They’re on an ornamental book binding I did for a
hand lettered and illuminated book on parchment. The book itself was
5 years in the making and my cover took 2 years. It has hundreds of
flowers in gold, silver, and enamel, over pierced borders inlayed
into the leather. The design of my cover was basically the book’s
frontispiece translated into metal and enamel. Wish I had my digital
camera back then…

Janet in Jerusalem