Filgree Work - Information on Collectability

This is a general question to the members…I have a client who
collects all kinds of filigree items-table type, small sculptures &
jewelry made out of filigree metal work… She would like to know
if there are any books or websites on this type of metal work… Some
of her pieces come from overseas, some made many years ago etc. They
vary from small boxes to guitars that are palm size… Plus various
rings & bracelets… Perhaps there is someone in Orchid who is
familiar with research on this subject… Any is
appreciated…Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan… @

Jo Ann - I have three books that talk at some length about filigree

Om Filigran - Filigree, its Technique & History, Filigree in
Norwegian Ownership. Ved Thale Riioen and Alf Boe, Oslo University
Press, 1959. In Norwegian with an English Summary.

Filigran aus Cortina D’Ampezzo um die Jahrhundertwende, by Ruth &
Max Frohlich. Privately Published, Zurich, 1980 - English summary.
B&W pictures of outrageous filigree objects!

Birka V. The Filigree & Granulation Work of the Viking Period by
Wladyslaw Duczko. Almquest & Wiksell International, Stockholm, 1985.

All three were available online just now as I did a search.

Other than these, I have had to look through more general books to
find examples of filigree. Not hard to find as it has been done so
widely and for so long.


Jo-Ann, For those interested in Filigree, please take a look at this
site, there is an incredible tutorial there.

Jeanne is a good internet friend, I love her work. Teresa

Check out the filigree section of Ganoksin at: